Why this site?

I have been an amateur photographer since the ’60s. I was living in Japan and was able to get a Nikkormat at a very good price since I was not a Japanese citizen, I didn’t have to pay tax.

I was hooked. I had the opportunity while I was in the Army to use the darkrooms free. I have since lost most of what I had photographed during several moves.

Now I have started again in the digital world. It was a major step up. Everything on this site is my work, and unless otherwise noted, it is free to download. If you want permission to publish any of my images, please ask using the form on the Contact page.

The image above is from a Free Concert at the Senior Center in Daytona Beach Shores, Fl

My interests in photography cover a wide range of subjects. I expect to learn something with each shoot. I will be posting images that represent one skill or another with accompanying description and shooting details.

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